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Moshe made aliya in the winter of 2014 from New York. As a gentleman farmer, he raised dozens of goats and exotic poultry. He also studied shekhita (Jewish ritual slaughter) in an effort to become more conscious of the origins of his food (as well as to provide a more humane way to get rid of any animals that chewed holes in his hats.)

As a student of shekhita, Moshe spent months perfecting hand-sharpening of blades on whetstones. With the perfectionist eyes, and steady hands of a shochet, along with a pride in his work, Moshe quickly became recognised for his flawless and passionate attention to details.

Upon making aliya with his wife and children, Moshe originally pursued passions to educate future shochtim in compassionate animal raising and slaughtering, but quickly learned that his skills were also needed by others in the food industry.

In 2017 Moshe took over The Knife Doctor.

Taking a few months (and lots of trial-and-error) Moshe experimented with a number of commercial options for sharpening until he perfected a system that provides each knife with its intended edge of up to 0.1 degrees while insuring a strong and longer-lasting bevel.

Moshe has also curated knife collections for knife enthusiasts as well as a museum and regularly gives lectures on knife maintenance and safety.

One of Moshe’s motto’s is to always challenge himself to be better than the day before. As such, he is always searching for more effective tools and ways to fine-tune his skills in an effort to provide you with the best possible service.

Whether you use us to sharpen your knives or not, we encourage you to reach out to us with any blade-related questions that you may have.

We Repair and Sharpen Knives

We make House Calls! We travel all across Israel and if you contact us, we can try to arrange a visit to your home or place of business. Get a few friends together and we can try to make a trip just for you!

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We sell high quality Kitchen Knives, Scissors and Multi Tools- but only while our supplies last! Our inventory is always changing so please don't wait to contact us- you might miss out!